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Scrap metal recycling Scrap metal

Scrap metal services

Since 1947, our family has provided the highest quality trucking and recycling solutions for the community. You can count on a high degree of integrity, honesty, and professionalism from

Moore Recycling.

We always pay the highest prices for scrap metal here at Moore Recycling, and we accept a wide variety of non-ferrous materials, too. Get great prices for 316 stainless steel, #1 copper, yellow brass, insulated wire, and more.

Grades of ferrous materials

We process and pay high prices for

scrap metal including:

Get top dollar

We're proud to provide innovative solutions to protect our environment and benefit

our community. Contact our team today for information!

We offer innovative solutions in scrap metal recycling, including

on-site torching. Call us today,

and we can assist you!

  • Junk cars

  • Light metal

  • Shreddable oversized #1 steel and trucks

  • Non-shreddable and non-torchable oversized #1 casting (such as a large dozer housing)

  • Prepared and separated #1 steel

  • Properly cut and sized to #1

  • P and S prepared

  • Breakable cast iron and motors

  • Mixed #1 and #2 steel (unprepared O/S)

  • Bare bright wire

  • Insulated wire

We do not accept

  • TVs

  • Monitors

  • Refrigerators

  • Air conditioners

  • Propane tanks

  • Closed containers of any kind

  • Aerosol cans

  • Hazardous materials / waste

  • Hazardous lighting

  • Radioactive sources

  • Paint cans

  • Asbestos - containing scrap

  • No CFC's or PCB's